The Heffner Difference

Heffner Performance. A world leader in exotic car modifications. We offer twin turbo systems, modified transmissions, exhaust systems, suspension systems, and many other “In-house” custom-made parts for clients across the globe -We would enjoy hearing from you. Please visit our Contact Us page for options.


We strive in knowing that working with us just feels good.

A feeling just like when you sit in your newly purchased exotic and tell yourself “YES!”

Heffner Performance is about end results with the confidence of knowing that we will make your needs a priority.

That means we listen to you.

Our clients are not viewed as dollar signs or used for self serving purposes. We are about long term relationships with results.

From us building the worlds first twin turbo Gallardo to our current offerings; our mission has always been about being more of a boutique type of company.

Exclusive, personal and always providing the very best.


When the very best is the starting point. Quality is the cornerstone of the Heffner Performance manufacturing business.

Hence, quality excellence is the first and foremost aspect upon which Heffner Performance is judged by our current and prospective clients.

Our commitment is to offer the most advanced products and services continuously without fault.

We are constantly developing.

Always capable of adapting to different project specifications with the highest standards of quality.

As a result, our extensive list of products, twin turbo systems, and transmissions perform exceptionally well day after day.


Efficient, precise, and tailored to your personality. A genuine mixture of art and technology.

Heffner Performance pays close attention to making the most efficient products that mirror the style and appearance of the exotic machines they are mated to.

Once delivered, our clients must be completely thrilled and astonished with the results. Anything short of a perfect coupling of passion and science is simply not acceptable.

Our designs are our cornerstone of our manufacturing. We strive to always compliment the exquisite personalities of the exotic machines we service.

We look forward to our continued development with our products, working hands on, and never stopping short of perfection.


The general qualitative evaluation of a vehicles operating qualities, including idle smoothness, cold and hot starting, throttle response, power delivery, and tolerance to altitude and weather changes.

The days of seeking HP at the cost of drivability are not a formula that exists within our designs.

Daily driver manners with extreme power levels has always been our achieved goal.

Our clients often claim there exotic drives the same way in stock form until…

  • They mash the accelerator pedal
  • The spooling of the turbo’s, the tightening of their grip on the steering wheel, and then the feel of acceleration that makes even the most powerful factory built hypercars envious.