Heffner Performance Testimonials

Dear Jason,

I remember you talking up the red R8 last year before I sold it to John Cook. I drove it maybe once and really didn’t get the feel for it. I know you re-flashed it, and its pumping out some more power.  I got to driving the car this week. Really driving it. After its warmed up properly and putting some miles and shifting through it. I gotta tell my impression has completely changed.

 I absolutely love this R8 Twin Turbo!

Everything exactly as it is. Gearbox and clutch basics from factor work well together and the gated manual is something Ive always loved from old Ferrari’s – kudos to Audi on doing that. What I didn’t like on my black R8 I just sold was the throttle at initial step felt “all or none” meaning just feathering like 1/8 of the gas pedal kicked the revs up really high so coming off the clutch was awkward. Plus, once off, the car simply had nothing at the low end. And frankly very little at the high end – low torque making it both awkward and not enjoyable to drive. This red has a much better throttle response. Forget about 1st gear, I don’t really drag my cars and rip them out in 1st gear. Once in 2nd or 3rd starting from a low rpm then laying full throttle and just letting the boost build and peak is an unbelievable rush. This rush was my very favorite part of my very first car, an Audi 5000 turbo Quattro. I’ve been an Audi guy since 1983. And I have always loved turbo Audi’s for this rush. After the 5000s were the 200’s then the S6’s in those days were turbos and finally the RS6 of 2003. After that there has not been an Audi worth my time despite trying so many different S6, S8’s and the current turbo Audi’s are so weak its ridiculous.

But you have managed to build what even Audi could not.

You captured that feel and put it into a good road car and made it something special. Now I’m really curious about the internals. What size turbo charger’s do I have, and intercoolers 1 or 2, and what boost pressure am I running, and can I get a boost gauge digital or analog that wont look out of place – my favorite gauge on all my turbo Audi’s of days past was the boost gauge. If I’m really critical, the car rips through the gears too fast – I think the ratios are too short with the amount of added power. The older Audi’s were geared taller so that the first 2 gears would be all you ever needed for most driving then you throw it into top gear. But I can live with it since it feels so good. I’m going to play with the gear some more. Another thing is I like really low end torque. The Audi 200s would peak torque a flat curve from 1500 rpm through like 5800 rpm. Can I get a torque curve on this car from you? I don’t care what he hp truly is but can you tell me because everyone will ask. And again, if I am being really critical, I would either do smaller turbos that spool up quickly to get me max torque at 1500 rpm (superchargers I know will do it from 1000 and I have that in the Ford GT you did for me which I also love but we can get this with twin turbos). Either smaller turbos or BMW is using a new twin scroll turbo that gets this effect. Finally, the exhaust isn’t quote the note I’m looking for. It’s loud yes and sounds amazing when it reverberates off downtown buildings on a narrow road. But the Audi’s of past had a very deep baritone exhaust. It was not loud or unpleasant in any way, but the sound of it could be heard from 1/2 mile away. I always as a kid knew when my parents were even 1/2 mile from the house! That baritone sound was so intoxicating. The sound to me is the #1 most enjoyable part of a car. It’s why I love Aston Martins and Ferraris as well. But if you ever had the chance to hear that note on an older Audi 5000 turbo car, it is unforgettable. I don’t know if you can get me that sound or tune it. That I would pay a premium for. The reason I wrote all of this to you is that I don’t know if you ever really knew how much of a gearhead I am myself, how much I love Audi’s and turbos and so forth.

I’m proud to own to of your builds!



Open letter to a future customer:    

I can’t say enough good things about Jason Heffner!  The first time I met Jason was at a race in Columbus, Ohio.  He was there with a customer’s Viper.  Although we were racing against each other, he was extremely helpful and I could tell he was in the business for more than just the money.  This first meeting would also be the only time I would be faster than one of his cars, as soon after we would meet again
when he did the record smashing work on Chad’s Viper.  After seeing the quality of workmanship and the unbelievable numbers generated by Chad’s car, I was awestruck to say the least!  I wanted more than anything to have a similar car constructed, but finances wouldn’t allow it at the time.  I learned the hard way that you get what you pay for, and after two other shops did work that was unacceptable or took too long to complete the work, I did what I should have done long before.  The first vehicle I took to Jason’s shop was a Viper that needed an AEM installed and tuned.  Jason told me the price ( which was cheaper than other shops!) and how long it would take.  Being the skeptic that I am, I figured it would take twice as
long if I was lucky.  Not only was the bill for the quoted amount, but the car was completed before the time frame allowed!  Finally, here was someone who understood customer service!  For my next project, I told Jason that I wanted the quickest Viper in the county.   He told me calmly and said “no problem” and we began an adventure that continues to this day.  The car has exceeded my wildest fantasies, and has done things most people cannot believe.  We have taken it to the extreme, and the level of preparation by Jason and the guys in the shop ( TJ, John, etc) makes it seem too easy sometimes.  I have more projects underway now, including another turbo Viper, and I know that Jason and the crew will turn out another masterpiece.  No matter who works on the car (TJ, John, George, Aaron, or Zach) the work will be show quality and top notch.  No matter what project, Heffner performance will  exceed your expectations.


Lee Saunders

In 2005, I heard about some guy in Florida doing Twin Turbo Vipers.  I had already purchased a nitrous kit, but never installed it because it seemed like an overwhelming task.  I called Jason Heffner and asked, how can you possibly make 1600hp, run hi 8 sec 1/4 mile and be streetable?  He showed me some videos and 5 minutes later, I sent the deposit check.  Heffner had the car over the winter months, and sent it back just in time for our Buffalo springtime.  First test drive.  Oh boy, yikes, are you kidding me!!  Do not hand the keys to your kids.  I am a professional Pro Stock Motorcycle racer, but I was very surprised at the performance.  Even more, I was surprised at the streetability.  Check it out, I drive it every day.  The programming is spot on.  This thing is a hit at the car shows.  My wife loves to wax the car.  If I could just get her to change the oil. Dealing with Heffner has been a pleasurable experience, especially when I feel I got more than I paid for.  This thing is a trip, thanks Jason.


Paul Gast
Fast By Gast

Heffner Performance has been a tremendous asset to the Ford GT community. Having dealt with over a thousand Ford GT owners since starting the Ford GT Forum in 2005, praise for the professionalism and results delivered by Jason’s team has always been frequent.  Whether it’s seeing the Heffner Twin Turbo GT laying waste to the competition in Car and Driver, or enjoying the results of driving my
own Heffner-modified Ford GT, I couldn’t be happier to recommend them. In conversation with the engineers at SVT who designed this fantastic supercar, one
of the chief players in the program told me if Ford had gone twin turbo, they
couldn’t have done it any better themselves.  High praise indeed.

Dave Bannister


I have been extremely pleased with my Heffner Twin Turbo Gallardo. By far, this is the best performance upgrade available today. It has turned a great car into a super car!! If you want to go fast, but still want a car that is reliable and very easy to drive on the street, look nowhere else.

Bernard Vroom,
Sarasota FL