Ford GT – Nobody Does It Better

While others have tried and most have discontinued their FGT systems, Heffner Performance continues to offer and build the only time tested, perfectly balanced, maximum performance twin turbo induction system for the Ford GT.

We have more Twin Turbo Ford GT’s on the road than all the shops combined.

Simply stated; we can assist you in creating a driving experience unlike any other.

Traditional hand and CNC made parts are standard.  Exotic metals upgrades such as titanium also available.

Created by Camilo Pardo / Rich Brooks / The GT Guy LLC

Heffner Performance offers a wide range of upgrades and accessories for your Ford GT

  • Carbon fiber parts
  • Hand made exhaust systems (05-06 exhaust currently discontinued)
  • Wheels and tire upgrades
  • Interior upgrades
  • Brake system upgrades
  • Safety Items: Fire suppression and racing harnesses
  • Full-service maintenance
  • Swing out to scissor door conversions

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2005 to 2006 Ford GT Twin Turbo System

Stage 1 Supercharger Upgrades

  • Handheld Programmer With Custom Programming for 91, 93 and 100 octane fuels
  • Heffner Performance 2.75″ Supercharger Pulley
  • An Increase of 80+ WHP
  • $1,600 Parts only
  • $2,200 Installed


Stage 1 Twin Turbo System

  • Stock engine
  • 93 Octane = 975 Engine HP / 850 WHP
  • C-16 Race = 1,150 Engine HP / 1,000 WHP
  • Call for Pricing

 Stage 2 Elite / Race

  • Clean sheet. Tell us your goal.
  • Full drivetrain modification
  • Full modified chassis for performance and safety
  • Builds for street, 1/4 mile and 1/2 mile racing
  • Horsepower levels to meet objectives. 2,000+ WHP available
  • Custom machining, fabrication and use of exotic metals
  • Call for consultation and pricing

One of our customers sums up this platform perfectly for us…

“This ridiculous level of performance is not delivered in a temperamental or unreliable package. The Heffner TT GT starts up and drives around town just like a stock car. When you lift the clamshell, everything looks like it was installed by the factory. The stainless steel parts gleam like chrome, all of the welds are flawless, the workmanship is remarkable, and the finished product is a work of art.”

Twin Turbo System with Titanium Piping

We also offer many other upgrades based on your personal taste and performance goals