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Specialty Parts

2017 to Present Ford GT

Heffner Performance is dedicating a fair amount of R&D to create some very special parts for the new Ford GT.

While we do not have any current plans to upgrade the existing Ford twin-turbo system, we are working on items to enhance the platform.

First and foremost we have clients wanting to change how the new Ford GT sounds.

We have developed a custom, hand made titanium exhaust system that both pleases the eyes and ears while complimenting the existing 647 HP.

Please feel free to contact us if you have a specialty item you would like created for your 2017 to present Ford GT or any other exotic in your stable.

Ford GT Configuration Web Page

Our titanium exhaust system being installed on Jay Leno and Tim Allen’s Ford GT.

Our System on the Ford GT MKII

1/4 mile testing with new exhaust system. 1/4 mile time in the 10’s. 

The Polito Ford GT Program is now offering installation of the Heffner Performance Titanium Exhaust in your 2017+ FGTs. You may recognize this system because it comes standard on the MK II track cars. It completely changes the flow characteristcs and reduces the weight of your car. Our two GT-Certified Technicians install it here, in our purpose-built race shop. Please message us here to reach our GT Concierge Mike Hocking. 😍700hp Rev😍#politoford #fordGT #HeffnerExhaust #Heffner #FordPerformance #titanium #700hp #heffnerperformance

Posted by Heffner Performance on Tuesday, 4 August 2020

Above – 2017 Ford GT with Installed Heffner Performance Titanium Exhaust System

Below- The track only Ford GT MKII fitted with our titanium exhaust system. All Ford GT MKII’s have our exhaust as an OEM part. 

Ford GT MKII web site

2017 to present Ford GT Titanium Exhaust

Heffner Performance is proud to offer our cat back exhaust system for the 2017 Ford GT.

This hand crafted exhaust is constructed completely of high quality CP1 grade Titanium.

All seams are carefully and skillfully TIG welded. The system is thoroughly checked and back purged to ensure the highest quality and maximum strength.

Key Features…

  • Notable improvement of the exhaust note
  • Increased sound from the exhaust side of the turbochargers over the factory muffler as well as the optional factory titanium exhaust system
  • The finished system weighs in at a light 5.2 pounds.
  • The color is anodized which can be customized to suit your taste.
  • Retail price $5,500
  • Header shield option $1,300

Installation is straight forward and can be completed in two to three hours.

Please call us at 941-359-0900 to place your order.

2017 to Present Ford GT Paddles

  • Manufactured by Heffner Performance
  • Direct Replacement
  • Made on our 5 axis CNC
  • Available in Blue, Red, or Silver
  • $1,000.00 a set
  • Call us to order. 941-359-0900

Product Details: Complete replacement billet aluminum shift paddle assembly, including color anodized paddles, black anodized shift paddle housing, and magnetic return shift action. 100% replacement for the standard black OEM shift paddle assembly.  These paddles add a nice touch of color to the interior of your 2017+ Ford GT.

Our replacement shift paddles install using OEM hardware; 3 screws per housing and 2 screws per microswitch. Each shift paddle assembly is tested here at Heffner Performance using the OEM microswitch before shipping.