Own or manage a high end tuner shop with customers who are looking for a “bolt on” Heffner Twin Turbo Systems for Audi R8, Ford GT, or Lamborghini Gallardo / Huracan?


Heffner Performance currently offers quality twin turbo systems, parts, and accessories for Audi R8 , Ford GT, and Lamborghini Gallardo / LP560 / LP570  / Huracan to dealers across the globe.
At Heffner Performance, our success and yours go hand in hand. Building a quality turbo system takes dedication, determination and perseverance. With our well known branded systems we can help your business reach higher goals as a result of our successes.

The Twin Turbo Company That Delivers HP

As a Heffner Performance Dealer, you have an opportunity to provide a proven product to existing and new clients. The opportunity to represent one of the world’s premier exotic twin turbo systems means greater cash flow, more customers, and professional business support.
As a Heffner Performance Dealer, you not only do you rise above your competition, you also provide a product that will have your customers smiling from ear to ear every time they push the accelerator.

The Heffner brand means integrity, commitment, and consumer confidence. So if you’ve always wanted to “boost” your business without the added hassles, our twin turbo systems are a valuable product to add to your product line.

Why Heffner Twin Turbo Kits?

Always start at the top

If you are already an established tuner shop but are looking for more, why not consider us?

As a proven developer, manufacture, and tuner, Heffner Performance continually strives to satisfy its customers and dealers. We never stop moving forward.

When you affiliate your business with Heffner Performance as a dealer, you’re joining forces with the leading name in the exotic twin turbo business. When exotic automobile enthusiasts think performance, they think Heffner. That gives your business a powerful brand advantage in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

When you join our global network of dealers you, of course maintain management and ownership control over your business while enjoying all the benefits and resources we offer.

Marketing with Proven Results

When we release a new system, the media steps up and takes a look. As a cutting edge developer of twin turbo systems on some of the most exotic cars on the road today, we get noticed. While we are humble with our approach, we strive to maximize our exposure.

We believe that marketing / advertising is a key element in the creation and maintenance of a successful business. When you become a Heffner Performance Dealer, you benefit from our global exposure.

Lead Generation

Driving sales opportunity through local relationships is smart business. Good relationships are the key to any successful business.

Our global exposure means opportunity with your relationships within your home town.

Not only does our global marketing offer wide spread exposure, they open the door for you by allowing you to take advantage of our programs at the local level. This win-win opportunity allows you to strengthen your business with new and repeat business.

Revenue Generation and Purchasing Power

Strong cash flow means a strong business. It all starts with our complete twin turbo systems. When you purchase our twin turbo systems, it is a complete package. No waiting for that missing part from a manufacture you have never done business with before or no space taken up in your shop with incomplete cars.

No guesses or “Not sure if we can do that” for your customer who just wants the very best. Our systems are time tested and proven.

Once installed, you can get instant cash flow because your customers pay you directly when the twin turbo system is installed. No delays. No waiting.

Providing quick service, quality product translates into satisfied customers. That means repeat business.

As Heffner Performance Dealer, you will also have access to quantity discount pricing and preferred access to our systems.

Training and Support

As a Heffner Performance Dealer, we provide industry-leading support to help you offer our twin turbo systems to your customers without worry.

Our experienced and respected trainers are the very same technicians who develop, install, and maintain our twin turbo systems “in house” We offer in depth install manuals to assist in every step of installation. We also offer hands on technical training as part of our support process.

Our marketing and advertising departments are always exposing our brand and products. This transfers locally to you by having the latest material to present to your customers.

A Diverse Product Lineup

Heffner Performance is committed to continued leadership in the exotic car market. Innovation, research / development, developing new systems on new platforms is what keeps us out front. As vehicles and their systems become more and more complex, Heffner Performance is always there with innovative products that go beyond expectation.

Services and products are subject to the execution of our dealer agreement.

All dealer application information is considered confidential.

**All new dealers are required to have a customer interested in one of our twin turbo systems and is ready to purchase.

**This requires an initial deposit or buy in of $25,000 US Dollars.   Dealer agreements will not be granted until this initial requirement is met. 

Dealer Inquiry

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