2009-2014 LP 560 / 570


Lamborghini Twin Turbo Systems for LP560 / 570

An improved version of the original Lamborghini Gallardo.

Factory features…

  • A reduction in weight
  • 5.2 liter V-10 engine
  • Updated styling and performance features
  • More details about this platform available on the Lamborghini web site. 560 Details

Heffner Performance offers a wide range of upgrades and performance levels

We can also assist in finding a stock Lamborghini LP 560/570 and have it delivered to our shop for modification

“Bolt On” twin turbo systems without engine modification available globally though our dealer network

Twin Turbo systems with engine modification only available at our shop in Sarasota Florida USA

A time tested and proven platform for our very popular twin turbo system

From our “bolt on” system mated to a stock drivetrain to our fully modified race builds

  • A wide range of upgrades and performance levels available
  • “Bolt on” Twin turbo systems with stock engine and modified engine available
  • Maintain “Daily Driver” manners
  • Factory OEM appearance
  • Lamborghini twin turbo systems available for coupe or spyder

Please contact us for specifics on our builds

Drive visits Heffner Performance and experiences one of our Lamborghini Twin Turbo LP560 builds

Lamborghini twin turbo installation / transformation video

LP570 Heffner Lamborghini twin turbo Performante Spyder

Heffner Lamborghini Twin Turbo  LP 560 Spyder / Coupe

Stage 1

  • 93 Octane = 920 Engine HP / 800 WHP
  • Stock Engine
  • $35,000 Installed

Stage 2

  • 93 Octane =  1,150 Engine HP / 1,000 WHP
  • C-16 Race =  1,430 Engine HP / 1,250 WHP 
  • Modified engine
  • $75,000 Installed

Stage 3

  • 93 Octane = 1,265 HP / 1,100 WHP
  • C-16 Race = 1,725 HP / 1,500 WHP
  • Highly Modified Engine
  • From $95,000 Installed
Stage 4 Elite
  • 93 Octane = 1,265 HP / 1,100+ WHP
  • C-16 Race = 2,300+ HP / 2000+ WHP
  • Highly modified engine and sequential gearbox
  • MoTeC Engine Management and Data Acquisition Systems
  • Ideal for street, 1/4 mile and 1/2 mile racing
  • Maintains “daily driver” manners
  • Call for pricing

Stage 4 Elite builds are only available through our Sarasota Florida USA location.

Race Builds

  • Twin turbo systems that support 2500+ WHP
  • Highly modified engines
  • Highly modified drivelines
  • MoTeC Engine Management and Data Acquisition Systems
  • Chassis / Safety modifications based on recommendation and client requests
  • Ideal for 1/4 mile and 1/2 mile racing where competing at the highest level is the goal
  • Ideal for ease of maintenance and tuning while at racing events

Race builds are only available through our Sarasota Florida USA location

This level of build is continually under development